Become the King of the Hill in GTA Online With These Money-Making Tips

Despite the fact that it’s already been a few years since the release of Grand Theft Auto Online, the guys over at Rockstar Games continues to polish the game to please players. Every now-and-then, there’s even some new content to make playing with the game’s online community more fun than ever before.

But just like with any other GTA title that’s been released so far, you need to have that one thing that’ll make the game’s world revolve around you – money. You need to have cold hard cash to buy the best weapons and vehicles the game has to offer. Also, you need to have money to bribe the police to let you off the hook. To bring the bling to your GTA Online game, here are some money-making tips you might be interested in trying out.

Do Contact Missions

What are GTA Online’s contact missions? These quests are just like standard missions in the game, but they’re separate from other players. In other words, you’re free to focus on the objective without some random douche bag mucking up your plans to complete the objective at hand. Contact missions can become a very fun way to earn extra cash in GTA Online, and they can also become a source of income for new players.

Always Take Advantage of Events

Like with just about any game that takes advantage of an Internet connection, there’s bound to be some events thrown here-and-there at any given point in time. Follow the developers’ Twitter account or Rockstar’s blog to know when things are about to go down. These things can vary, but oftentimes they will give players some extra cash and experience. Furthermore, events can also take the form of discounts, so if you’re saving up for that sweet rocket launcher and it suddenly goes on sale, then don’t let the opportunity pass.

See That Shiny Apartment? Don’t Buy It… Yet.

Many GTA Online players would want to buy a large apartment right off the bat. Don’t let the temptation lure you in and instead wait for the most opportune moment to get a property. You might not even want to go for an apartment as getting a large home can be a more pleasing investment. A large house can net you more garages, which means more cars to keep.

You can also consider purchasing a Shark card for GTA Online. This card is the credit card of the game, and some players don’t like getting it. However, if you want to get that shiny new car without having to spend all of your hard-earned cash in one go, then this might be a suitable option.