The best technology of using shuttering magnets

There are some of the shuttering magnets which are universal ones and true classic. They are the patented magnetic clamp which are equipped functionally and used for having the multifaceted applications. For best monitoring of different accessories and adapters by default there are 2 threaded holes and available. The alternative holes and the sizes can even be requested. The different adhesive forces, designs and size ensure that in each case appropriate permanent magnets are available for different applications. They are also well-equipped with magnetic fixed mounted on cam lever. They are also used in 80 degree Celsius at the ambient temperature.

bt innovation

On the request the special heat resistant design of these shuttering magnets also get available. The high quality of the materials are compound with the rigid design ensures the extreme long services lives. The best advantage of making use of these magnets is as,

  • They assure the exact positioning and easy handling
  • The accurate positioning of magnets can be gently pressing with hands
  • The scalability is available for different applications
  • Based on requirement, the adhesive forces and various sizes are available
  • Quality materials and connection stiffer version guarantees the high service life of systems

The youngest generation of these shuttering technologies has easy and proven technology for alignment and easy positioning of magnets and formwork. They can be well used easily with patented spring and foot system and accurate positioning or alignment is fool proof. Some of them made available the suitable type of the magnetic recording so that it can be clipped from behind to shuttering beam. They can be aligned and positioned finally by depressing magnets. They are also termed as the ergonomic implementation which is low in weight and includes the unique lever that carries and handles easily. Make the best use of it today.