How to buy meditation cushions

Do you love meditating, but want to feel more relaxed? Then the best thing that you can do is to buy the meditation cushion. A meditation cushion helps to keep the body relaxed and also to make it more restless. By using a meditation cushion, we provide the right support for our body and also prevent stress and proper support to the spine. But, it is essential to choose the right meditation cushion; one can buy meditation cushions online and for that you should look for the following qualities in it.

meditation cushions online

What to look for in a meditation cushion?

  • Portability- A lot of times you might have to meditate outdoors, like in a beach or a garden; so in such a situation you will need a meditation cushion that has a handle with it to carry it anytime anywhere.
  • Comfort- This is the most important thing to look for in a cushion; the cushion should be able to give comfort to your body. It is mostly advised to choose a cushion with buckwheat hull filling.
  • Durability- While meditating you will be pitting all your body weight on the cushion; which might make the cushion soft and flat in a few months. In order to prevent this you should get a cushion that is durable enough to take a lot of weight and also is able to retain the shape. It is recommended to buy a meditation cushion that is made from cotton blend so that it is durable.
  • Allergic proof- Choose a meditation cushion that is made up of organic materials; it should be eco friendly and made up of cotton material so that you do not catch an allergy.

Always look for the following qualities and features before buying meditation cushions online.