How to Care for Wooden Double Glazed Sash Windows 

A regular cleaning of your windows will help in long run of the sash windows. It is very costly to get sash windows fixed and replaced. Hence, a proper care depending on the material used will keep the window to function properly as it has to, especially when you are using quality windows like sash windows London, their maintenance should be regular to ensure that they run longer.

Here are few tips:

  1. When you have glazed windows, a regular cleaning of these is essential to keep up the glaze of the windows. It is advisable to give a thorough cleaning at least one time per year. This again depends on the climatic conditions that you live in. For example, if you live near the coast, there is always a chance for the windows to get spoiled often. Hence, you may have to clean it at least on a monthly basis. You can use a general cleaning method of using liquid and water to clean the windows. Avoid using high pressure. In case there are any stains to be removed, you may have to use special products depending on the problem.
  2. You need to take care of the window frames. Most people forget about this. A regular cleaning of Sash windows London at least 4 times in a year will be good to keep the frame functioning properly.

When you use timber or wood windows, it is sure that they last for longer, you can customize the design and they give a very good look to the building. However, maintaining timber or wood windows needs special care. You need to paint it regularly. If proper care is not taken and these are exposed to weather conditions, they can be destroyed in short run itself. With timber, what you have to remember is moisture should not come in contact with it.

So you cannot clean them with water and you also need to ensure that there is no water standing in the frames. Check for painting requirements at least once in a year. And while painting, you also need to check the weather conditions allowing the paint to dry.

If there is a scratch or a dent in the wooden windows, you need to get it fixed immediately to avoid water from entering the wood.

You may need maintenance of hinges. All you need is a light machine oil to oil these and they will be set to function properly again. When it comes to wooden windows, you need to ensure that the screws are tight and not corroded. If so, you need to replace them. Else, if they jam, you will damage the frame when you try to remove them.