Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an effective addiction treatment

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is a method in which people are motivated to bring about a change in their thinking and behavior. That is, if a person thinks he cannot stay without alcohol and believes that without it, he will not be able to survive even for a day, the therapist will talk to him and make him see that there are days he has gone without even a drop of alcohol. This belief is entrusted in the person till the time he also believes that he indeed can stay without alcohol. CBT today is considered to be an effective way to treat addiction related problems. Elevation Behavioral Health​ has been offering the therapy successfully for some time now.

The process of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in fighting addiction

The first step in the therapy is to understand what the issue is. The reason for the person to be addicted to alcohol, drugs or any other thing is evaluated. Therapists find that it is possible to make the person stay off the addiction for some time but many a times, a relapse occurs. Through the CBT therapy, therapists seek to understand what the underlying needs are and then persuading the patients to replace their addiction with a positive trait. Both the therapist and the patient have to work in tandem with each other for the therapy to work.

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The main process is of functional analysis in which the therapist works with the patient to find the trigger that has led to the addiction. This also makes them realize what the reason was. Both the therapist and the patient come to an understanding about the reasons and thereby the patient can avoid such risky situations in future, thereby preventing a relapse.

The third step is training in positive skills. This helps the patient to undo his destructive habits so that he can replace them with healthier habits. It could be healthier alternatives to face his problems or deal with the challenges in a more relaxed manner.

The main reason Cognitive Elevation Behavioral Health​ therapy is a success is because it attempts to find the root cause of addiction and aims at eliminating it. It can also be referred to as a kind of psychotherapy and also a form of positive thinking therapy in which the patient is inspired to think better of himself and introducing him to the power within him to identify healthier choices in life and adapt to them.

It is a short-term therapy and helps the patients identify situations or circumstances that make the prone to addiction. Today, most of the mental health associations and programs recommend cognitive behavioral therapy to be an effective therapy to help people struggling with addictions.