Consistency in Web Design and How to Apply It

 Most Internet users would like websites to work in a certain way. How the homepage works should follow through or have a complementing design for its inner pages. If a site’s pages work differently or randomly with each other, then most users would most probably get annoyed and look for other websites on the World Wide Web.

Consistency should be one of the key elements regarding wordpress web design. Keeping a clear uniform look and feel for the entire layout of the online presence should give a user-friendly experience for to any visitor. Many young web designers might still be confused as to how consistency works in the site they’re creating. Here are some ways you can apply uniformity on your website or the sites of your clients.


Repetitive Styles

When you think about repetition, some people might think that it’s going to be simple and boring. However, those characteristics might not be such a bad thing for web design. Many online users tend to lean towards functionality more than fashion, albeit the latter characteristic is still an important factor. The goal here is to use similar elements throughout the site or page. However, don’t just copy and paste every element to the next segment or to another page. Use different graphics and content to break the uniformity, but make sure they still present a sense of consistency.

Maintain the Looks of the Brand

If you’re creating a website for a known brand, then copy the design of their merchandise or services to the layout of their new online presence. Consider the textures, typefaces, padding, page colors, and icons that are related to the firm. Note that there are no right or wrong ways to do this, but some business websites work better than others. For example, if the business has an elephant as its mascot, then you can replicate that thought throughout the entire web layout.

Insightful Navigation

One of the first things users will get to see in a website is the header, and this element should speak a lot about the site and its owner. This location should briefly yet properly explain what the site offers and what it’s all about, not to mention it should be a place where users can easily access most of the pages in the website. A good looking navigation bar might not be enough as it should display a lot of functionality in it as well.

Note that consistency in web design is far more than just keeping pages as similar as possible. Check out web design swansea if you’re looking for great designs for your site.