Count the wedding costs in advance to help incorporate better entertainment to your guests

With wedding on the list, there are a lot of things to be done and each of them needs attention. The first thing required is planning and incorporating things as per your budget so that you can do the maximum and make the event special for the newly wed and not to forget your guests too! Getting a good wedding DJ should also be on your list. So, planning and deciding on a budget on all things, will allow a much experienced DJ to play at the event and ensure that your guests are entertained making your event a complete talk among them for at least a couple of months to come for.

How to count the cost?

Irrespective of your bank roll, you need to plan your wedding to know how to spend that money and also to decide on which part of the wedding needs more attention as compared to others. So, you should start with setting up a budget, try to stick to it and make arrangements appropriately.

  1. The first thing is the venue. So, once you are clear about the number of guests, decide a venue. All though many places claim to be inclusive of all, be sure to clarify what all does it include. Speak about the pricing, taxes and service charges etc. Also check about other coordinating things for the wedding like lights, sound system, services etc. If they include any catering services, get a clarity on the items and if that suits your budget.
  1. Food and drinks: If the venue does not have any on site catering service, you need to look for one. To start with, make a list of guests and make the cost of food with the caterer. Decide on actual costs that you can pay for food, liquor etc.
  1. Wedding dress: Decide on the cost for bride and groom’s outfit for the day. Also include jewelry, makeup etc. in this.
  1. The entertainment: Getting a good wedding DJ is the best thing that you can do for your guests to keep them entertained at the event. As you decide on the things listed above, you will be able to decide the quality of DJ you can prefer. This will greatly impact the fun and entertainment because a professional experienced DJ will be better equipped and can read the crowd’s choice of music which will help a lot.