Detecting Lies From Body Language

A person may lie for many years and it may go u detected as that person would have gained your trust or mastered the art of hiding the truth. But if you observe closely and feel that something is not right it is better to go with your gut and seek clarity.

Body language of persons lying give away the tell tale signs that there is something fishy and all is not hunky dory as portrayed. The person really does tot want to share the truth with you and is fabricating a story to convince you that he/she is trustworthy. Most lies are small and can go unnoticed or can be forgiven, but with constant lying and hiding the truth there will be mistrust in any relationship and this will definitely create cracks and finally quits.

Detecting the lie in the initial stage is better and it can be done by being observant, the first signs are what the body gives out. When you are unsure of something yourself it can be seen in how you body behave and the uneasiness that slowly creeps into that person’s being and the normal self will slowly lose out to the person turning into a different individual when lying.


How to know if someone is lying?

Adjusting the clothes, hair or shaky hands or sometimes avoiding eye contact these signs give out that the person is definitely not comfortable while lying and truth is being difficult to hide. Touching the mouth or lips or biting them when talking is like unconsciously trying to stop yourself from lying but you lie anyway. They ways eye shift and blinking rates change with a fake smile to top it will a sure give away for a liar. You would see a lot of head movement and they are kind of uncalled for vaguely trying to avoid eye contact and the discomfort is visible. The nervousness also make their limbs stiff and they may also remain motionless as if the fear would translate and give away the fake behaviour that they have been trying to portray.

When you are telling a lie there is a kind of inner fight which is going on the body, the mind and the tongue don’t seem synchronised as it is known subconsciously that they are not doing the right thing as some of the ethics are ingrained and going against them makes the whole body to be not itself.

Liars may be found out even after a long period of time as they are are quite clever to cover up their signs, the suspicious behaviour will definitely will as they think that others are like them and they may start distrusting the person they would have lied to. Lie detectors are used in investigations and now recently for relationships as well while trying to solve infidelity or adultery among individuals.