Discovering Las Vegas with Take a break travel

Of all your dream destinations, or make a list or travel destinations before you die sort of thing adds Las Vegas on your list. This paradise in the desert isn’t just a place to gamble, it has great things to see, experience and taste.

In movies Las Vegas is all about the casinos and who can blame them? This paradise in the desert is what many people are coming for. It’s a must really, if you came here for something else, you need to end the day or just visit the casino for a few games, you will never know you’ll get lucky and leave Las Vegas 10x richer. But let’s not undermine the other things that you can do in Las Vegas:

Take a break travel

Concerts and events: The biggest concerts and events are found in Las Vegas, any great and big artists that have a world tour scheduled will surely have a stop in Las Vegas to perform. Any great band, rapper and singer all have an eye on Las Vegas and houses many big events like Boxing. This is Floyd Mayweather’s home so surely his fights are here.

The world in Las Vegas:  This dessert is nothing short of a wonderful place if you think casinos rule the place it does but it would be unfair not to appreciate the other great things that can be found here. If you haven’t been to Venice, you will have a taste of it here. Haven’t you been to Paris to see the Eifel tower? How about Lake Como in Italy? Or the Statue of Liberty? If you haven’t seen those places and things yet in Person in Las Vegas is the best thing that you can experience all of it.

Hoover Dam and hiking: Who would miss Hoover Dam? You just can’t go to Las Vegas without stopping here, great place to see a man-made wonder. And if you haven’t noticed, the surrounding place in Las Vegas isn’t all deserts. You will be surprised on the great the place is for hiking.

Food scene: Food scene is not short here, this is a 24 hours place and when people get hungry people go to the streets. With a variety and wide selection of food options, you will surely have a good time restaurant hopping and experience that taste that only Las Vegas can offer.

Las Vegas might be known worldwide as a gambling capital but this is just a scratch in the surface. There are so many things that Las Vegas has to offer from events, food, and sights that are great for the whole family. If you want to plan your trip here, plan it with the good people at Take a break travel.