Easily change your providers

Electricity, probably one of the most important commodities there is. We use electricity in just about anything that can be plugged to a power source. We are highly dependent on electricity to do daily tasks from the moment we get out of bed up to when we get back home after a long day’s work. We need it to do several daily tasks from the simplest to the more complex. We even use electricity when we are sleeping. But as the continuous demand for electricity keeps growing, some companies can barely keep up.

That’s why more and more companies search for alternative and renewable solutions to feed us power hungry humans with the electricity we oh so dearly depend on. One country in particular has already slowly but surely switched to using renewable sources of energy to supply their citizens with power. That country is Norway. It is the leading producer of hydroelectric power in Europe and is ranked 6th in the world. It also has offshore wind turbines to harness wind energy. But even with these renewable sources, Norway sometimes fall short of meeting expected demands for energy especially these past few years where they experienced lesser rainfall. That is why most of its people tend to hop from one provider to the next in search for the cheapest electricity power provider. Good thing that they have Strømleverandør to assist them in their quest.

Billig strøm

What is Strømleverandør?

It is an online site that has lists of the cheapest electricity providers in Norway. Choosing a new provider to transfer to is as easy as a click of the mouse. You don’t even need to get out of the couch. Keep yourself comfortable as you search for providers that can lower your electricity bill.

What are their criteria in choosing the list?

Its more about what you choose that would fit your budget and needs. They rated the providers based on the additional charges they have since most get their power from the same supplier, the power flow rates would be the same. Lesser additional charges monthly would mean cheaper electricity bills.

Power agreements

Choose the electricity provider that can offer you different power agreements for you to get the best bang out of your buck, there are generally three types of power agreements available in Norway. The most common is the fixed price agreement. It’s pretty straightforward. You pay for a fixed price all year round. This is good if you want predictability in your life. The cheaper one and probably the most favoured by Norwegians is the spot price agreement in which the power providers base their prices on the power exchange rates. This has been proven to be the cheapest of the three in the long run. The last agreement is the variable price agreement; it is modelled similarly to the spot price agreement but is calculated a bit differently since the providers base the prices on the average daily consumption of electricity. Please bear in mind that the prices during winter time is still relatively much more expensive.

Choosing the right service provider that you can get the most out of and have lesser electricity bills to pay is a big help. Another way to lessen your electric bill is to lessen or control your daily consumption of electricity. Even simple tasks like switching off the lights when you go out of the room can help you save a lot of money in a year, you’d be surprised.