The embodiment of personal touch

Guitars and electric guitars in particular are considered an extension or embodiment of the musician playing it. Take for instance Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen) and his signature customized “frankenstrat” or even Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave) with his “Arm the Homeless” guitar. These are all extensions of the player.

This is why most guitar players go to great lengths to customize or personalize their guitars to make it more “me” to them, to make the guitar an extension of themselves that can reach out to people in the form of music. Of course you can buy a pre-made guitar and mod it to your choosing but this entails a lot of work, the easier and more satisfying way is to acquire a build it yourself electric guitar kit and start building your dream guitar from scratch.

An affordable way to personalizing

 Rather than buying a rather expensive finished guitar and go through the motion of modding it (which can be a hassle since you have to take apart literally everything), you literally get a blank canvas where you can do all your crazy stuff. One of the advantages of getting the guitar kit is that you can choose from a wide array of shapes available as well as requesting other custom additions to make the guitar more… you.

Quality is a must

 In the world of guitars, quality of the materials will define your overall tone. Rest assured that these built it yourself guitar kits are made with precision and of high quality materials. It comes with a standard maple neck with either maple or rosewood fretboards. These frets have been measured precisely. The body comes in basswood which is very workable, mahogany and solid ash. This will ensure that that quality of your guitar can keep up or even surpass the branded ones.

Modification convenience

 Unlike modding a factory made guitar where you have to take everything apart, strip the paint and all that jazz, the do it yourself kit comes unassembled out of the box so this gives you the convenience of not doing the things mentioned above. This means it is also easier to change or upgrade parts since they aren’t attached to the guitar… yet. Let’s say you want to swap the stock pickups with after market ones, you don’t need to cut electrical wiring since they’re not installed yet. While you’re at it, you should shield your pick up cavities with some sort of foil to reduce unwanted noise coming from the pickups later on.

Paint me a pick(ture)

 As for the finish of the guitar, you basically can do anything you want to it since it’s technically a blank canvas. Whether you’re into the glossy finish, a sexy satin finish, sunburst, natural wood or go Picasso with the design, it’s all up to you. Just don’t forget to do this before assembling the guitar.

Basically the build it yourself guitar kit makes life easier for the guitar builder, beginner and experienced alike. As well as that, it can make all your custom guitar dreams come true.