Everything you need to know about Kulula Airline

If you are thinking of taking a flight soon, be it for a business meeting or for a holiday tour, you might want to spend the least on your domestic airline. Usually, the time spent in domestic flights is much less when compared to international flights due to the distance to the destination. This is why it’s wise to get on an airplane that’s going to cost you less without causing you any convenience.

A lot of domestic airlines in Africa can be total rip offs against Kulula Airline which can be a boon for people who don’t want to spend much on their domestic flights. If you end up taking a wrong airline service, you might regret letting them charge as much as your trip and just for a few hours of travel. Kulula Airline is much cheaper and popular when compared to other domestic airlines in South Africa.

Kulula Airline

Apart from being an amazing low- cost carrier, Kulula Airline has unique staff who are always ready to share a laugh with you. They will be your friends while they are at your service and can be pretty funny and cheerful than most of the “well-behaved” airline staff. You can get Khuluma magazine on the flight which is edited every month by the funniest among South Africa’s comedians.

Another great thing about Kulula Airline is that you can get prepaid seats which allow passengers to make sure that they are sitting with their family and are not scattered far away. A flight journey is something you really need to enjoy with your family and friends. You don’t have to sulk alone sitting next to some stranger with whom you cannot even make a conversation!

There is only economy class in Kulula Airline since it is a low-cost carrier. Well anyway, nobody likes class discrimination here. Right? If you choose Kulula Airline for your flight journey, you will get a fun-things-to-do booklet and a certificate for flying with Kulula for free!

You can check in at the airline before 90 minutes of the departure. For a domestic flight, the counter closes 30 minutes before the departure. You can also check in online which will open 24 before the departure time and will close 2 hours before the departure.

Do not forget to bring your South African ID/ Driver’s license/ Valid Passport and your booking reference or e- ticket. At Kulula Airline you can have one bag that weighs up to 20kgs checked in, a hand luggage bag that can weigh up to 7kgs and a small handbag or laptop bag which you can carry with you. You can also get extra space up to 5kgs either by buying it upfront or by using a Kulula credit card.