Find personal tutors the easy way

Is your child facing problems learning even after attending classes at school regularly? Detect the problems early so that your child wouldn’t suffer during his exams. If he isn’t able to understand the classes of a regular school teacher he might need some special attention and extra time in learning the subject for which you need to get him a personal tutor.

Sending your kid to a personal tutor’s house or inviting a personal tutor to your home might be a little scary because let’s face it- the world is not always nice. This is why you need a thorough background checking and screening process before you hire a personal tutor. It is impossible to know all the tutors around and chose from them manually. But don’t worry since websites like are always at your aid. is a website that connects students with personal tutors all around. You just need a smartphone and an internet connection to search for the most suitable personal tutor your kid needs. You can hire a personal tutor anytime and from anywhere within your budget.

Hiring a personal tutor on takes just three steps. The first step is to search for the tutor you want. You can go through the list of tutors and the subjects they teach, see their bio and photograph, know a bit about them, and check for their availability. The price per hour of a tutor also can be known under each tutor’s profile.

If you find it difficult in searching the right tutor for your kid, then you can ask to help you by filling in what are your requirements and the website will get you appropriate tutors for your requirement.

The second step is to select the tutor. The tutor profile includes qualification, their education, reviews, feedbacks and ratings from previous clients. This will help you get an idea of the tutor and his teaching methods and experience in the past.

Once you select the tutor, the third step is to schedule the classes according to yours and the tutor’s convenience. You can directly contact the tutor to fix a time and place that works for both. It’s your choice whether to hire a tutor for just a single lesson or for a longer period of time. You can fix the classes at your home, at the tutor’s house or at any public place that is convenient. helps you find the best tutor for your kid and filters the right kind of service you are in need of. It mitigates the mental and physical tension you have to go through in finding a good tutor for your child.