Getting the Best Name for Your Star

The star names used and recognized by scientists are those that have been entrenched through using it in a long period of time. They were published by the astronomers at unimaginable scientific institutions. The worldwide federation of astronomical societies or the International Astronomical Union uses and accepts only those names. Therefore, those names are not for sale. But this time, it is possible for you now to name a star for free. There are numbers of private companies in business today make money by claiming to name a star for you or to your loved one.

Warning for some money-making business

 For more than 30 years, there are companies that have let the customers pay usually as low as $20 as their nominal fee. That is for the certification of their personal space entity. Their business strategies have long been called into question. It is because the names that customers gave to the stars are not acknowledged. They aren’t recognized by anyone outside the company was the customer paid. But still, such business continues. There are lots of websites now promoting these services.

Behind naming a star

 Various websites are advertising this kind of business as a way of commemorating a deceased loved one or any of your family members. There are some other reasons chalking up these practices as a fraud. The truth behind is that naming a star would give some complications for the astronomers to perform their job. It would just result in mounting confusion for the scientists. At the same time a waste of money for the customers. Therefore, people can’t really name stars at all and presumably never will.

Ideas of star naming

 For hundreds of years, bright stars from 1st to 3rd magnitude have appropriate names that have been in use. Most of stars names are Arabic. The bright orange star in the constellation Orion is called Betelgeuse. Polaris is the North Star and the 2nd magnitude star at the end of the handle of the Little Dipper.