Good blender for healthy smoothie

 For a healthy lifestyle we need to take a balanced diet. Balance diet is very important and would help us in staying healthy for longer time period. Balanced diet means a food with required amount of proteins, essential fats, vitamins and minerals. These are needed to make our body healthy and energetic. They will help the body to function properly. For getting a right amount of nutrients we need to take a wide variety of food. From green leafs to all varieties of vegetables.  Cooking these vegetables would kill many of the nutrients available. To get more nutritious food we need to consume them in a raw form. Majority of the vegetables cannot be consumed in raw form due to their awful taste, especially green leafs. Then smoothies came as a solution for this problem.

A truly healthy smoothie should have some dietary fat for the body to use in assimilating the vitamins. If you just blend a fruit with milk does not become a healthy food. A proper combination of nutrition’s should be mixed for proper diet. The following are some of the advantages of drinking smoothie.

Benefits of drinking smoothies

  • Smoothies are easy to make. We can blend all vegetables and fruits available; mix them with water, ice cube or milk. We can prepare these smoothies faster than cooking a meal.
  • Smoothies promote only the intake of natural fruits and vegetables. This becomes a perfect substitution for replacing meals. So by this we will cut down the intake of unnecessary fats getting accumulated in our body and this result in weight loss
  • As smoothies are rich in fiber it helps the people suffering with constipation and upset stomach by enhancing the digestion process. Fibers in diet improve digestions.
  • Smoothies are made by blending various fruits and vegetable then they will help in building muscle by providing necessary proteins for the body. They enhance the synthesis and absorption into the body.
  • A good smoothie will help your skin to glow and will boost the brain. It gives complete energy and empowers our body with high nutritious values

Blenders for making smoothies

Making of a tasty smoothie depends on the type of blender chosen for it. Blending machine plays a vital role in preparing smoothie faster. The features need to be considered before purchasing blenders are as follows.

  • Basing on the blending material the power needed may vary. For blending simple vegetables we need approximately 300w blender is needed. If we are blending something like ice we need 500w blender.
  • Blender should have ice crushing blade.
  • The blender should have various speeds levels
  • Must be durable and should be easy to clean the blades.
  • The jug or jar shape should be flexible for pouring smoothie into the container.