How Do I Install Flash Tool For My Smart Phone

Do you have an android smart phone? Are you facing problems with the phone suddenly getting slow or starting and shutting down without your permission and the phone getting hanged for a long period of time. The solutions for your problems are smartphone flash tool. It is a Windows application suitable for all android phones with MTK chips and is mostly used in the rooting community. This tool is developed by Mediatek Inc and available for free download. It has many versions suitable for both Windows and Linux.

Also known as the SP Flash Tool it allows the users to flash stock ROM and upgrade or downgrade the smart phones firmware in just a couple of clicks in short period of time. It also allows the users to flash custom recovery and unbrick android devices. It can also be used to perform various tests to determine the functioning of memory in the smart phone and also allows for changes in the memory address. It helps to format and reset the phone.

This flash tool makes a connection between the PC and the phone with the help of USB. And with this connection you can perform various tasks like formatting and resetting the device, setting up read and write parameters, memory testing and verifying, checking NAND flash, unblinking the bricked smart phone and many more. Before you download the flash tool you have to install a few drivers like the Android CDC driver or the Android VCOM driver on your PC to be able to use this application successfully.

There are certain important points to keep in mind before you flash your phone

  • The warranty of your device will be terminated when you flash with a custom ROM.
  • You have to backup the data as flashing will erase all the data from the phone memory
  • Make sure the device has enough battery life to last through the process uninterrupted.

Be very careful while flashing the phone as a minor error can seriously damage the phone and the flash tool will not help in repairing damaged phones.

Smartphone flash tool is a very helpful tool for all the Android users to maximise the functioning of the phone. They can download the flash tool for free from websites and follow the tutorials provided and flash their phones successfully in short period of time but they have to keep a close watch and follow the instructions carefully to avoid any damage.