Is AMP The Future of Search Engine Optimization?

For users who’re searching on mobiles, speed is the one thing that is one of the greatest problems.

Last year, in the month of February, Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages as a solution for loading speed of pages on mobile devices. Just like other features of Google, webmasters want to know whether AMP will help in improving rankings.

Before getting the answer of above question, it’s good to get familiar with the term “AMP”.

Get introduced with the term “AMP”

Get introduced with the term “AMP”

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages to incorporate the vision of creating content, which can easily and instantly get optimized on the mobile devices. This open source project is a step toward improving the experience of mobile users.

It’s good to use HTML to develop a simplified version your website; since it just takes 0.7 seconds to load. If the pages of your website are AMP-enabled, they’ll appear in special carousel on top in Google search results. If the site isn’t AMP enabled, it’ll take 22 seconds to load on mobile.

Technical aspects of applying AMP
If you’re going to implement AMP on your website; you don’t need any IT person. It’s a revolutionary term and requires the one who has knowledge of HTML5 and JavaScript.

There’s a limit to an extent if you’re posting ads, which are AMP powered web pages; since with AMP, Google primarily focuses on the speed of delivering content.

Is it good to enable AMP for your website?

In the beginning, most websites that had articles and stories related to news, were found using AMP. But now, other sites including e-commerce are using this platform. If you think that AMP can help your business’ website, give it a try.

Effect of AMP on website’s SEO

AMP matters in several ways in search engine optimization of websites. It has a great impact on the search rankings; since if the site is AMP-enabled, it’ll load faster and chances of getting clicks increases. It gives a better user experience because they are now exhausted visiting the sites that are difficult to navigate and loads slowly, especially when they are using their mobile internet.

Here are some factors that will get improved enabling AMP and increase the site rankings:

  • Lowers bounce rate of your site: If a website is taking more than 3 seconds, user will get frustrated and will leave your site. Google usually doesn’t send users to the sites having slow loading speed, so if you want to rank your website on the search engines, it’s necessary to have lower bounce rate.

Effect of AMP on website’s SEO

  • Click through rate: If pages are AMP-enabled, they will get more views and user will love to clickrough other pages on your website. Google usually considers the interaction between the user and your website. If a user is staying on your website for more time, the ranking will get improved automatically.
  • Site’s visibility on Google top search results: When you search something on Google, you must have noticed the news carousel will appear on the top of web page. The content in carousel will get more views than the below ones. Those who’re using AMP pages are getting around 80% more views. So, the visibility with AMP-enabled pages directly improves the ranking.There are a lot more factors that will help in the improvement of SEO, such as backlinks, social signals, and many others.

Is AMP the future of SEO?
AMP is the new standard for SEO; since it has generated a good response from community. Also, it’s easier to apply and execute. It’s been concluded from the above-mentioned points on AMP is the future of search engine optimization.