Keep the warts at bay!!

Human Papilloma Virus causes warts. You can contract HPV virus, if you have a cut or a wound by touching a person who has this virus. You can also get infected by sharing towels, razors or other personal care items with someone who has warts. Here are some best wart removal tricks that can help in removing warts naturally.

Natural cures

There are many home remedies to cure warts naturally. Here are some suggestions-

  • Pineapple: – Applying fresh pineapple to the affected area several times a day.
  • Garlic: – Applying garlic paste to the warts several times a day can help.
  • Baking powder, castor oil and basil paste: -should be bandaged on the warts.
  • Fresh aloe Vera: – can be rubbed on the affected area.
  • Aspirin tablet: – should be powdered. Add water to make a paste and put on the warts.

best wart removal

Medical treatments

Normal warts should be left alone and it will vanish after some time. Medical intervention is only needed when the warts are stubborn and there for a long, time.  best wart removal  treatment include-

  • Salicylic acid and lactic acid: – is used by dermatologists to cure warts. If the acid falls on normal skin, it can cause burning and redness. That is why, utmost care should be taken

when the treatment is done. This treatment cannot be administered to diabetic patients.

  • Freeze method: – In this therapy, spraying technique is used. After few days, the spray causes blisters to appear on the warts. It kills the living tissue and the warts dry up.
  • Laser treatment: – this is very common these days. It is done in salons as part of beauty treatment. Take care to get it done by a qualified professional.
  • Electric needle: – warts are cut and removed with a help of an electric needle.

Prevention is better than cure! Warts can be kept at bay by (a) increasing one’s immune system. Eating well and exercising regularly will help you go a long way. (b) Intake of Vitamin C helps. You can have in natural or in pill form. (c) Do not share your personal hygiene items with others. (d) Avoid touching yours or others warts. If at all you do, do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly with soap. It can spread to other parts of the body or others can get infected. (e) Avoid walking barefoot  and last but not the least, (f)stop worrying about it.