Know the top best hacking tools of snapchat

How do know you snapchat accounts are hacked?

Snapchat is the popular messaging app in the world today. It has got over 150million active users. Its features are been updated for the better performance and users convenience. The shortly disappeared images feature in the app acts as an advertisement source to many people. The most important features like snapcash, video chat and my stories have gained more publicity in the users. The online criminals are taking the advantage of snap chat hack by hacking the user’s accounts. They steal the database of users containing phone numbers and usernames. Images are being morphed and published in some vulnerable sites. By sending phishing mails and ads to the users they may gather huge information illegal. One can identify their account is hacked by simple observation:

best hacking tools of snapchat

  • Settings of the account: If something suspicious like color, image or any other settings of the account are changed; there may be a chance of hacked account.
  • Check warnings about the login activities: The users may get authentication required messages if they need to login to the account. If many messages appear without your consent, then be alert and go for a password change immediately.
  • Check for mails from the snap chat support: The snap chat customer support sends you email whenever there is a suspicious log activities. It clearly states that your accounts have been hacked. Recover your account by taking the help of snap chat and request for change of password.

Hacking tools for snapchat:

Always make sure you are hacking your friends account or some ones only for prank or legal purpose. If not you may be prosecuted for invading someone’s privacy. Parents are even using hacking tools to watch out their teenagers activities on the web. As there are hundreds of hacking tools, some gain popularity. Here are some snapchat hack tools:

  • Snap Thief: This tool will help you to hack the snap chat account of any user only with the username and can be accessible over the internet. It’s free to use and can store much data.
  • Snapch: Snapch is a totally well designed and highly advanced hacking tool that it is hard to trace the user with secured information. It can be easily installed and used.
  • Heyblink: One of the best hacking tool with all the best features and easily accessible. The identity of the hacker can be hidden and can hack many snapchat users.
  • Appmsr: This app helps to hack many social media apps along with snapchat. It helps in accessing the details of users like history, downloaded files and even location.
  • Spyzie: The name itself indicates it is a spying application or simply hacking tool. This gives the complete information of the hacked accounts. It is available on the iOS and android devices.
  • Appbrute: The powerful tool even helps in hacking the expired contents on the snapchat. It can be used on the mobile or pc easily with an internet connection. The IP address of the hacker is hidden and unable to track.

Finally all the tools are almost legal to use and one should be careful while choosing the hacking tools to avoid legal proceedings. Happy hacking!