How Does a Lie Detector Test Machine

Telling lies is morally wrong, but many people lie consciously or unconsciously when they get under pressure. However, lying generates anxiety and nervousness. These conditions produce distinctive physiological effects that are visible in many instances and often measurable by a lie detector machine. If you want to find out whether a particular person is speaking the truth or lying, you can conduct his lie detector test using the machine. Such a machine is useful for checking false claims, civil cases, relationship troubles, crime investigations as well as family problems.

How does a lie detector machine works

Before you invest in this cutting edge technology, you should get familiar with the working of the technology. When human beings lie, their blood pressure and pulse rate increase. Also, lying leads to sweating as the person hiding the truth is unable to control his emotions properly resulting in sweating. Additionally, there is an increase in breathe rate accompanied by a decrease in depths of breaths (shallow breathing).

lie detector test

 The machine records all these changes in the human behavior. For instance, the pneumogragh aspect of the machine identifies the breathing differences when a person is undergoing a lie detector test. Even a minor change is easily detected and documented by the machine.

The cardiograph aspect of the machine measures vital changes in pulse rate and blood pressure levels when the subject test is speaking. Similarly, the galvanograph aspect identifies and measures the skin’s electrical resistance of the person when he is communicating under heavy pressure.

 All of these measurements are checked via computers to ensure accuracy and efficient documentation of the collected data. Also, computer recording saves a lot of time and paperwork. On the basis of test results, you can easily figure out whether the person is speaking the truth or telling a lie. This is why more and more people and organizations are buying this polygraph machine to judge the character, situation or crime story associated with a person.

 Bottom line

Finding out whether a person is lying or speaking the truth is now easy thanks to this test conducted by the polygraph machine. However, various things should be considered when taking the test including the consent of the person as well as legal permission in most cases. Also, the results of these digital tests can be inconclusive if the person under test has had previous illnesses, surgeries, or is taking medications, alcohol or drugs. In spite of these issues, a lie detector testing machine is really handy in many situations and can help to figure out the truth behind circumstances.