Life span for hair transplantation surgery

Why the surgery for hair?

To know the about the surgery for hair, lets study some facts about the hair loss and baldness. According to the clinical studies, both men and women have hair loss due to different reasons. Hair fall is more in women, where men have baldness. In men, the reasons for hair loss are Iron deficiency, diabetes, genetics, age factor and hormonal changes. It also includes stress, smoking and improper diet. Coming to female point of view the reasons may be vitamin deficiency, aging, menopause, hormonal imbalances and genetics. Hair loss causes depression and inferior complex in the individuals. So many opt out for the faster treatment which includes hair transplantation. There are treatments available medically for the hair fall and baldness, but surgery can be done for the cases which are not treated with the medicine. Surgery gives long life to the hair and gives immediate results.

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Performing hair transplantation:

Hair Transplantation is a surgical method to move hair follicles, which produces hair from one part of the head to the bald area. This surgery not only focuses on hair on head but also restores eyebrows, eyelashes, chest hair and beard. A dermatologist surgeon performs the surgery by picking up the hairs on back side and fixes on the bald parts. Transplantation can be performed in two ways:

Slit grafts: In this method, the follicles are removed from the back of head and placing them on the affected area. Follicles (Cells which produces hair), can be removed by two methods: Follicular Unit transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).In the first method, some part of the scalp in the back of head is cut and inserted in the individual follicles. In FUE method, individual follicles from the back of head and are removed one by one. It takes long hours.

Tiny grafts: In this method, one or more follicles are removed from the back of head and are operated on the affected parts.

The surgery may take days depending on the techniques. The surgeon uses tiny needle to remove the follicles on the scalp which it is injected with anesthesia. Thousands of hair can be replaced in treatment for a day. The treatment can be prolonged to days depending on the procedure followed. The hair depicts as original after the surgery. Stitches are made to prevent bleeding and recover the cuts. The hair starts to grow on the operated parts after performing the surgery. The hair depicts as original after the hair transplantation surgery. However there are side effects undergone after the surgery.

Post operative effects:

Due to the surgery which includes cuts there may be chances of bleeding over the scalp which leads to infections sometimes and pain may exist. It also includes itching, swelling of the scalp and also lack of sensation. Regular checkups should be done by the doctor to avoid adverse effects.

 Though it causes pain, people feel happy after the surgery as they gain a new look. The life span of the surgery lasts to about 10 years and one may undergo a second transplant on interest. Taking good care of the hair by including proper diet gives a long life to the hair. It can always be considered as a temporary treatment and also depends on the donor area where the hair is taken from.