Mom’s picks: best baby feeding bottles

If you want to feed your baby formula milk, then bottle feeding is a best option. When it comes to bottle feeding, every parent looks for the safe and best product to take care of their babies. Feeding bottles are available in different sizes and shapes depending on the need and comfort of the baby. Like the natural breastfeeding your baby controls the flow of milk in the feeding bottles also. There are many designs available they allows your baby to hold safely and easily and even they can self-feed. It has a levelling scale to measure the amount of formula milk that you are preparing. These bottles also contain a cap that prevents any leaking while travelling. Choose the bottles which have handles, the training handles helps your baby to self-feed and your baby can drink the milk very comfortably and safely. A nipple is also available with the doktor brown feeding bottle which comes in various sizes as per the baby’s preferences.

Doktor brown

Why are these bottles the best for your baby?

  • doktor brown bottle is the best baby feeding bottle for infants. It has a patented venting system that is designed to keep air bubbles from being swallowed by the babies. The air never mixes with the milk and the baby gets all the vitamins like A, c and E. these bottles are very nice easy to use because minimal air goes into the baby tummy.
  • Philips Avent feeding bottle has anti-colic valves in the bottle, it pushes the air back into the bottle and not allows the air to enter into the baby’s tummy. This bottle has is designed very simple it is very easy to clean and assemble all the parts. The nipple is designed as a moulded petal shape to increase the softness and flexibility of the nipple without damaging. This is best for babies who use the breast feeding and bottle feeding.
  • Munchkin latch BPA free feeding bottle helps your baby quickly take to a bottle. The nipple is designed in such a way like a human breast. The nipple on the latch stretches like the human breast and your baby can also control the flow of the milk during feeding like the breast milk. When your baby pushes at the edge of the nipple then more milk is released like the breast milk. It is also designed with anti-colic valve inside to eliminate the air bubbles. Also provided with three nipples with varying flow of milk.
  • Mixie baby formula mixing baby bottle is a perfect option if you use formula milk. Fill the powdered formula in the compartment inside the bottle. Now add water to the bottle. When your baby is ready to drink, push the button at the bottom of the bottle to release the powder and now shake the bottle. Now the powder and water are blended and you can feed to your baby.

There are numerous bottle options available in the market. Find the right bottle for your baby to feed.