Much More than a Fat Camp

We have all heard the term “fat farm”. The term has a humorous, but also slightly demeaning connotation. Running counter to that connotation is a firm called Weight Crafters which is an adult fitness and weight loss camp for persons looking for a boutique-styled solution. See how much better that sounds.

What Makes up Weight Crafters

What Weight Crafters offers is a live-in program, available in one-weekincrements, designed to assist adults and seniors lose weight and fat non-medically, build muscle and increase mobility. An important part of their program is helping the clients to develop healthy new habits which they can maintain when they return home.

The Weight Crafter staff includes certified personal trainers with broad experience in facilitating adult weight loss. Crafted from a comprehensive training method, the weight loss program was developed exclusively for Weight Crafters by authorities in the health and fitness industry. The program, called True Fire, derives from the United States Marine Corps fitness techniques. It is made up of cardio training, strength training, and high impact interval training. The True Fire program adheres to strict health and safety standards.

Weight Crafters integrates True Fire with a balanced and nutritional meal plan. It is important to note that the training is tailored to your age, individual needs, and personal goals. The result of this is that the body’s natural healing and fat burning systems are accelerated. This applies to all ages, from young adults to seniors and from the athletic to those who are obese. The results extend far beyond most persons’ expectations. There are also options, at no extra cost, for nutritional counseling and life coaching.

A Happy Medium

In business for over 10 years, Weight Crafters occupies a middle ground between larger weight loss resorts and fitness camps, and personal trainers. They feel that by limiting the number of clients per enrollment period, they can build more effective one-on-one relationships with them. This goes hand in hand with customizing their program to fit the particular needs of the clients, regardless of their age or physical limitations caused by excessive weight.

On the other end of the scale, because they train in small groups, the clients pay much less than they would if they hired full-time personal trainers. This is one element of Weight Crafters keeping their costs down while at the same time offering a top quality service to their clients.

The Skyline of Madeira Resort

All of this is provided in a beautiful natural setting across Gulf Boulevard from Madeira Beach in Tampa Bay. You will be staying at the Skyline of Madeira, a 5-story resort. Built in 2007 to the latest safety standards, it provides an excellent view of the marina and beyond. Fully-furnished 2-bed, 2-bath condo villas with great balcony views will be your optimal setting as you embark on your weight loss and fitness program.


Quite naturally, one would want to know something about the prices for such a program. As it turns out, the cost is nearly identical to what one would pay to rent a 2-bed, 2-bath, fully-equipped vacation condo at the beachfront—and look what else you are receiving for that price! Remember that all-inclusive means no hidden or extra charges or fees presented to you after you arrive. The price Weight Crafters advertises is the price you will get.