Natural Cleaning Products for Maintaining the Beauty of Your Floor Tiles

Stains, spills, and other messes – these are some of the things we constantly have to deal with at home. Removing messes out of floor tiles with commercial cleaning products is still an option, but they’re steadily losing in the popularity category. The reason behind this thought boils down to the subject of safety.

Pets, children, and other members of the household aren’t safe if you’re using products filled with harsh chemicals. One false move and it might present complications to the health of family members. It is a wise decision to switch from chemical-infested cleaning products for natural solutions to reduce the risk of health complications inside your home.

Cleaning Your Floor Tiles the Natural Way 

Using natural solutions can help clean your floor tiles AND reduce the risk of potential health issues in your household. Here are some ideal examples that you might want to check out in keeping the integrity and beauty of your floor tiles.

  • Lemons

Albeit acid is a common ingredient in many commercial tile cleaning products, the natural acid found in lemons is a milder treatment. Lemon juice is even safe enough to drink, but it’s still advised to dilute it with water if you do so. Nonetheless, citric acid is an excellent option in keeping floor tiles germ-free. When combined with other natural ingredients, such as baking soda and a bit of cream of tartar, lemon juice can act as a bleaching agent to preserve the color of your floor tiles.

  • Vinegar

Just like lemons, vinegar is also acidic in nature. Thus it makes for a great natural cleaning solution for your floor tiles. If you go about this treatment in preserving the cleanliness and attractiveness of your floor tiles, opt for utilizing white vinegar as opposed to using colored vinegar (i.e. apple cider and malt). Using white vinegar won’t bring added stain to your precious tiles, and it’s also a good solution for tackling mildew, molds, and harmful bacteria.

  • Baking Soda

Sodium bicarbonate, or more commonly known as baking soda, is an excellent natural cleansing agent for two reasons: (1) it’s highly absorbent so it can easily soak up any bad odors, and (2) it has an abrasive nature which makes it effective at lifting stains. Baking soda is also a reasonably cheap option to get rid of stains on your floor tiles while removing any nasty smells off of it in the process.

You can always seek the help of floor tiles Singapore experts for ways in properly maintaining the beauty of your flooring.