All You Need To Know About Dota 2

Valve Corporation has developed a game called DOTA , video game which is free play and also a multiplayer online battle arena for Microsoft Windows and other operating systems OS X and Linux.The origin of the game began in 2009 but was released in 2013. The game was played on the original source engine but later it was ported to Source 2 where the players could customise, maps, cosmetics, game modes for their heroes. These kind of changes could be uploaded on Steam workshop and played. Always use DOTA 2boosting.

DOTA 2 stands for defence of the ancients, the game resembles real time strategy genre. This game has passed through varies ideas of many developers but the current version is from a person who likes to anonymous and is called Icefrog. When DOTA was making waves and garnering praise, the need to make it standalone set in and value the parent company hired Icefrog to make DOTA 2 with a map of its own.

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The games is widely played and appreciated worldwide. Critics though loved the game’s

production quality, gameplay and it loyalty of not bringing disrepute to the original game but have a concerns on it steep learning curve.This game is the most actively played with a million concurrent players at one time, due to this popularity its been sold on merchandise apparels, toys, accessories etc. There also tie ups with other games and media after its soaring popularity for promotional purposes.

Popularity of DOTA 2

It has so wide spread popularity that it been played professionally and tournaments, leagues are formed and millions of dollars to be won as prize money. There is a dedicated media coverage for these events held for the tournaments which are also conducted by its creator

Value of these is much more and biggest of these is known as Internationals. Smaller ones

are held to and they are known as majors. People are glued to the tv and there are millions in viewership only as this is most enjoyable watch as well as play.

How its played

There are two teams divided into 5 players each, the first five players are supposed to oppose the other five players who defend the Ancients as well defending their own.The game can be controlled by real time strategy controls. The maps provided are isometric and three dimensional in perspective. The ten players can use any of the 112 playable characters. These characters are known as heroes which have two primary roles of carry and support. The Heroes which carry have their own weaknesses and strengths but as they play along, they gain more strengths and their venerability comes down and hence can lead their team to victory.

The support heroes provide assistance to the heroes and they don’t have many of the strengths of the carry heroes have. The players have to three attributes such as strength, intelligence and agility. To activate ability the player has to lose some of his mana points and health points too are required for speed and attack. The use of an ability by a player may cause a cool down phase, wherein the player may not be allowed to use it until the timer counts down to zero. The health points if lost can be regained after a re spawn phase

as the player dies if he loses his health points.