All You Need to Know About NBA 2K18 Locker Codes

NBA 2K18 locker codes give every dedicated gamer of the popular basketball simulation franchise what they’ve always wanted. Easy access to virtual currency or as many would refer to it as VC.

You can do a lot in the game when you have VCs. If you want more players cards, you could. If you need more stamina, you could. If you want to add extra features to your game, you could also do it. If you want to redeem items, you could. However, to all of it, you would need many VCs.

NBA 2K18 locker codes

How to Earn your VCs

Traditionally, you can earn VCs in any version of the NBA 2K franchise game by doing any of the following. Chances are you’ve done one or maybe all of them at one point in time.

While playing in MyCareer mode, you would sign endorsement deals. However, this method requires continuous play and regular attendance at practice sessions. A popular method is by finishing games in the Hall of Fame. While it might be a difficult level to complete, it would earn you 1000 VCs each time you’re successful.

Completing assigned tasks and taking part in a simulation in the MyLeague mode are also popular among gamers. Likewise, some gamers trade VCs for profit. While others simply go the direct route and pay for it with cash.

A Better Way to Earn VCs

These tried and tested methods can still earn you VCs. Yet admittedly, they require a lot of work. Sadly, not everyone has the time to play for it continuously or the cash to spend freely. What if there’s another way you can earn VCs without spending or playing too much?

It involves the much-anticipated release of the NBA 2K18 game. Gamers will enjoy a better playing experience with the use of locker codes. You’ll gain access to the multiple upgrades in the NBA 2K18 game. At the same time, it serves as a sign of the franchise’s appreciation to its loyal gamers for almost two decades.

How to Get Your Locker Codes

The 2K sports company occasionally gives them away free. However, the promotional offers associated with it are limited. Don’t worry. You can still get NBA 2K18 locker codes using an online generator.

You don’t need to spend or install a software program to use it. Moreover, it’s compatible with any console option use. With a simple click, you have access to the VCs you desire.