Online Beauty Games and the most favorite games for girls

The technology era has revolutionized almost every aspect of our lives. The computers in the initial years changed the way we looked at a lot of things in the conventional manner, then they decided to change our outlook to our work which was quickly followed by how we would be processing the daily transactions at the workplace. One would have thought that things would probably come at a halt somewhere in this phase. Much to everyone’s surprise, things actually picked up more speed and started to enter almost in all the avenues possible. The next order of things was to change the way the youngsters, especially the preteens or teenagers would look towards the gaming world. For guys, the scenario developed in a variety of ways, right from the First Person Shooter (or the FPS) to the arcade mode, avenue mode gaming, to the Third Person Shooter, things really “evolved” at breakneck speed.

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So much so that the internet also had the brains to think about gender equality as the next course of things involved the girls as well and gender equality actually took to a new meaning as newer and newer sites came up with a ton of games for girls as well. In fact they managed to get such a depth that they were able to impart different day to day activities that girls do via the gaming way, this especially included the “Beauty” part of girls as well as the “Make Up” and many such activities.This actually was a boon in disguise as a preteen would not only be able to enjoy playing her favorite game but also be able to obtain knowledge to a considerable degree as well.

Favorite online beauty games for girls

Although a lot of games are available, games are normally categorized in different ways so that they are available to girls belonging to multiple age groups. These normally involve a variety of day to day activities that are regularly done, if we were to categorize some of the favorites depending upon the age group then it would be broadly outlined as follows:

  • For girls up to preteen age, the favorites or the preferences range from Barbie, dressing up, cooking games and the newest sensation, Frozen.
  • For Teenagers, the favorite games range from removing pimples, Hairstyle makeover, Bridal Makeups, First date makeups and so on.

These games are available across a number of websites, some that offer a wider catalog are sites such as unblockedroom which are also quite developed in terms of graphics and pay special attention to minute details in a game. Something that is worth acknowledging and commendable.a