Why People Play DotA 2?

When it comes to the world of gaming, DotA 2 had been the number one multiplayer online game. A lot of people play this game and spend hours and hours playing. This game had also been branded as the most addictive game of all time. Non-players of this game think that people who are addicted to this game are ruining their lives.

But what makes DotA 2 very addictive to play. It is a mystery to some people why this game is just the most played game around the world. A first time DotA player shares his experience and observations about DotA 2. Here are the reasons why people play DotA 2.

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Excellent eSport

Of all games, DotA is the best when it comes to gaming tournaments. It has been annually holding International DotA Tournaments and also handling National DotA Tournaments in selected countries. Watching a live streaming of this tournament is so mystifyingly professional that it was considered an excellent eSport.

Best Game in MOBA Genre

DotA 2 is the best game in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre. It has been known that DotA2 had redefined this genre. Because of this, DotA has been known as MOBA itself. DotA had become the generic name for this category.

A Strategy Game

The said game is played by ten players that are divided into two teams. The goal of this game is that each team must defend their tower and destroy their opponent’s tower. This game has no levels but no character or item can overpower another. It is well-balanced out so anyone can win even if their character’s MMR is low. This is a game of strategy. The team with the most effective strategy wins.


Most of all, this game will never be this addictive if it is fun and enjoyable. Being able to play with strategy and teamwork rather than power is definitely fair and the possibilities of winning are always big. There are lots of individually unique characters to choose from that can be played in a wide variety. Game items are also vast and enjoyable to use. What’s more, it has a forum which players can use to communicate with other players. A communicative team in a game is really fun.

There is no need to wonder now why DotA 2 is a very popular game. More and more people are also starting to play this game. People are just thrilled. DotA 2 boosting items such as MMR boosters are now available in the market for die hard players.