Play internet radio for free online

Internet radio is also known with different names as web radio, online radio, e-radio, streaming radio and others. It is basically the audio services which gets transmitted through internet. Broadcasting online is refereed as the web casting since they are not transmitted through the wireless medium. This type of radio includes the streaming of media, presenting all listeners with constant streaming of the audio which cannot be replayed or pause. It is much similar to the traditional broadcasting media. In such terms, it stands distinctive from the on-demand of file serving. It is also different than the podcasting that includes downloading than streaming.

Internet Radio

What does internet radio offers?

This online radio offers different services as news, talk, sports or wide music genres in all formats which are available on the traditional radio stations of broadcasting. Many of the internet radio services are also associated with the corresponding radio stations or the radio networks. The services of online radio are accessible from all parts of the world with good internet connection. One can even listen to the European station from America or Australia. This kind of radio can also be listened typically on standard home PC or now on any smart device through embedded program player that is located on respective sites of internet radio.

Streaming technology online

In few years, some of the dedicated services which resemble and proffer listener the same experience to traditional radio receiver. They are also suitable for the listeners that have special interest and are not sufficiently served by different local radio station. The internet radio makes use of the streaming technology which is used for distributing the internet radio or making use of the loosy audio codec. All these formats of streaming audio consist of MP3, Window Media, OggVorbis, Real Audio or more. the audio data gets easily transmitted over local internet or network in UDP packets or TCP or then again assembled at receive and further played in seconds or 2.

Taste of music

All this internet radio includes the multichannel and termed as the personalized e-radio that specifically designed for showcasing potential of exciting new mediums or the radio online. They are best for all types of people from teenagers to adults that have the sophisticated taste of music. All these online radio have large number of listeners which keeps on increasing with every day.