Powerful Features of SP Flash Tool

Smart phone flash tool is a versatile and powerful application to perform several tasks on your android smart phones. You can do custom ROM, stock ROM and general flashing of your mobile device. You can take backup and the rooting of your phone. If you are interested in sp flash tool download, then find out a genuine source.

Many times, it happens that the actual developers of the smart phone are not releasing an upgrade. In this case, if you want to upgrade the firmware of your mobile phone, then it is imperative to search for the specific firmware for your mobile.

This software can be used for any kind of recovery whether, it is CWM or TWRP. MediaTek has developed this software, they are known as one of the most popular manufacturers of android processors.

It is imperative to know that SP flash tool is usable only on those devices, which have MediaTek chipset. Here are a couple of things, which you can do with the help of this software.

Flashing custom recovery

This flash tool allows you to install any kind of custom recovery likes CWM or TWRP without any difficulty. When you are using this software, it is imperative to have some technical knowledge. This will enable you to use the software in a smooth way.

Flashing custom ROM or stock ROM

You will find it easy to custom ROM or a stock ROM firmware with the help of this software. Smart phone flash tool is perfectly designed to install or to flash stock ROM firmware. The best part of this flash tool is, you use also use it on a bricked smart phone, you can do unbrick it within a couple of minutes.

Hard reset your smart phone

SP flash tool will hard reset or factory reset your mobile device provided it is equipped with MTK chipset.

Now you are aware of the advantages and features of SP flash tool. You can check sp flash tool download link on its website for getting the latest firmware.