Protect the environment by using eco-friendly vehicles

What are eco-friendly vehicles?

As we all know the pollution around the world is giving warning signals to the nature, its time all of us should act for greener earth. For this the first and foremost idea is to have control over petrol, diesel cars which emit carbon emissions in a large quantity. So to alternate those carbon fuels using cars, we need to go green by using which vehicles which run by natural fuel like biodiesel, electric cars which run on batteries and hydrogen based vehicles. There are still some alternatives like compressed natural gas, ethanol and fuel-cell vehicles. These are all eco-friendly as they reduce the carbon emissions and air pollution, which saves the ozone layer. Eco-friendly or green vehicles are cost effective and energy efficient.

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Types of Green cars:

There are different types of green taxis or cars available today:

Electric cars: An electric car does not use internal combustion engine, instead uses an electric motor and batteries. They don’t produce fumes, pollution and are rechargeable.

Hybrid cars: This hybrid car uses both electric motor and internal combustion engines, but consumes less fuel than the traditional petrol or diesel cars. It is energy efficient.

Hydrogen cars: The main fuel in hydrogen cars is the hydrogen fuel. The car uses both the oxygen and hydrogen from the environment to run.

Solar cars: It totally runs on the solar energy, where the solar panels are placed on the surface of the cars. They convert the solar energy to electric energy and stores in the battery for usage when required. They are best and cheap cars in the present world.

The Final-word:

Green cars are very comfortable, clean and environmental friendly helps in reducing emitting green house gases. They also help in cutting costs and saves money. To provide a better and pollution free environment to the next generation’s one has to use such eco-friendly vehicles and make lesser use of carbon fuels. Actually it also helps in protecting non-renewable resources of the nature. Protect the earth by going green and save the future needs.