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The SUP boarding and surfing is an offshoot of surfing. It originated in Hawaii and gained much popularity when it was introduced in the US. Actually, it was the start of how SUP boarding and surfing rose to popularity.

Though a variation of surfing, SUP boarding and surfing is not the typical surfing where the rider sits until a wave comes. SUP boarders stand on their boards and propel themselves through the water through the use of a paddle. SUP paddlers are clad in a variety of wet suits and other clothing and accessories, depending on water and air temperature. We at Supboard 99 have quality supboardkaufen.

Sup board kaufen

Who We Are

Supboard 99 is an online trend shop for your new SUP board, paddle, and other accessories. All our boards and other items are guaranteed to be the best quality items. The products that we sell come with a one – year warranty. If you want to know more about us, visit our website.  Navigate through our page and be informed about us. We also have our blog, too. You will find answers to your questions about the items that we sell, how to purchase, and about our delivery. You may also e-mail us. We would not hesitate to give you the answer. We are looking forward to your queries.  We assure you that you’ll get the reply within two working days.

Our Competitive Edge

Our company provides you with quality paddle board. With our expertise on SUP products and accessories, we can give what is best for you. We also have boards to suit the needs of advanced and beginning surfers. We also provide a beginner’s guide where you can quickly choose the right board for you. Wait! There’s still more to learn about us. We do have free shipping for those orders that exceed € 50. Are you convinced now?Well, this might be the right time to call us at +31 (0) 85-3033716. We are glad to be of service to you.

Be Our Partners

You might see us as provider but we are more than just that. Are you an entrepreneur and interested in buying and reselling SUP boards? We can work on this and forge partnership. We can give you discounts for purchase of volumes of products. Is your company already in business involving SUP boards? We can work together as partners.  Supboard-99 is always interested in establishing partnerships with our clients. It is our goal to have you part of our growth. We want you to grow with us. We can turn clients into valued partners.

With the popularity of SUP boards and paddles comes different products and accessories. However, in some cases, the quality of these products is compromised. But in our company, quality is our top priority. We want you to witness it.