Are You Ready for Estate Planning?

No one is ever ready or willing to get into estate planning. Many turn away from the idea. Your hesitation is understandable. People often think it’s too soon to do so. But, if you wait too long then it might be too late. Estate planning is complex. But you don’t have to it alone.

You can ease your anxiety and be ready for what you need to do with the help of an estate planning lawyer Danville. Before meeting with the attorney, make sure to have these on hand. Doing so can help speed up the process. It can also help lessen your apprehension. Hence, make you feel ready and better about getting it done.

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Prepare a List of Your Assets

Make an inventory of your assets. Your list should include everything you own. This includes stocks, bonds, and real estate property. If you own precious jewelry add this to the list too. Bear in mind, you don’t need to provide an itemized list. You only need to provide an overview of how much these are worth. So, it’s not necessary to bring the actual certificates or deeds. You also don’t need to bring your jewelry.

Decide Who Gets What

It’s best to have an idea of who your beneficiaries are. Likewise, consider who among them gets what among your assets when you’re gone. Bear in mind, you have the option to choose who your beneficiaries are. You can decide to leave out, in short disinherit, your child, a parent, your siblings, even your wife if you choose to.

But a fair warning to you, this would pave the way for some family members to contest your will later. Thus, it’s helpful to provide the lawyer with your reasons for doing so. It’s likely the lawyer can do something to preempt this.

Likewise, inform your attorney if you have children with special needs. Tell the lawyer if any of your children are in a difficult circumstance. Be sure to consider these to protect their inheritance from others or themselves.

Any Questions You Might Have

A lawyer doesn’t expect you to have everything with you on your first meeting. Moreover, you can ask the attorney any questions you might have. Rest assured a reputable attorney will answer your questions to your satisfaction.

Remember, you don’t have to do it alone. You can put your fears to rest with the help of an estate planning lawyer.