Reasons to opt for solar nails

Not everyone has the time or patience to paint nails daily but at the same time, it is a fact that well manicured nails give a beautiful look not just to your hands but your overall personality. Also, aesthetically done nails impart sophistication to your appearance. At the same time, shabby looking nails can even dent your image. Overly done or bright and colourful nails will not even suit all occasions. That is why; you should consider getting solar nails.

Make your nails attractive with solar nails

Solar nail art are somewhat different from acrylic nails though they both belong to the same group. Technically, you can say both are same yet there are differences. They are also called pink and whites because this is their colour combo.

solar nails

  • Solar nail art are not nail extensions but they are acrylic coating on your nail. Because of this, solar nails last for more than three weeks. They also do not break easily and neither do they fade.
  • Such nail art is also not prone to chipping off, giving a bad look to the nails and it will also not pop off. So, compared to other acrylic extensions, these are quite better in quality and usage.
  • One of the main advantages of solar nail art is the dual tones of white and pink. Thus, you get painted nails and you need not paint again. In many nail extensions, you have to pain them with nail polish, which is not the case with solar art nails.
  • If you wish to opt for a natural look, then you can buff up the acrylic. If you wish a glossy look to the nails, all you have to do is apply some cuticle oil on it. Thus, you can achieve multiple looks with the help of solar nail art.
  • Perhaps, the best reason to get solar nail art is that they do not cause any colour disfiguration to your nails. Usually you will find that when you apply the regular acrylics, your nails tend to get yellowish. This does not happen with this type of nails. You can do your thing and go about your routine life with solar nail art.
  • Also, these kinds of nails are refillable.
  • For those who love French manicure, solar nail art is what can take you closest to it.
  • You can get different designs as you please and they can make your nails look amazing for sure.
  • The maintenance of the nails is also quite easy. You can even remove them quite fast at home. All you need is some liquid acetate and just around 10 to 15 minutes. No strain or stress but just spend some time relaxing with your nails.