Reasons why Showbox is the app of choice for iPhone

The iPhone is undoubtedly a great device that has garnered solid followers and has people in line whenever a new phone is coming. And for a good reason, the iPhone is always geared towards the “make sense” functions.

It’s beautiful, functional, and easy to use and provides a very solid protection. It does have its downside though, (and no it’s not the head phone jack) it’s about the flexibility in getting the apps and the flexibility of the OS that Android users are able to enjoy throughout the years. You can even say that it’s not that of an open platform that people can just be tampered with and with a well-selected app to be in their store, it leaves little room from other buggy and bad apps to grace it’s space.

Movie streaming: There are so many movie streaming apps out there today in the market, each one offers great selections of movies and series. But not all are free, and the free good ones aren’t offered in the apple store. Don’t you know that you have great apps that you can download outside the app store without jailbreaking your device?

showbox for iphone

Jailbreak: If android is for rooting the device, iOS has jailbreak. Jailbreak allows the flexibility (but not that flexible) in order for people to be able to utilize the OS with a bit more flexibility. It’s popular with people using locked devices in the US, and for people to be able to install other apps not present in the apple store. But not all good apps that are not in the apple store requires you to jailbreak your device.

Showbox for iPhone: if you haven’t known about Showbox for iPhone, it’s an app not available in the apple store. It’s a video streaming app that offers you a ton of great and free videos. You don’t have to pay for subscriptions. This doesn’t and it offers you quite a lot of movie and series selections that will make any productive person a couch potato in one day.

Showbox is a great app; it offers free movies and series that people would pay for in a monthly subscription. It’s a stable app that gets updates from time to time and very safe to use. The best thing about it even if it’s not available in the apple store is that you don’t need to jailbreak your device to get it and fairly easy too! So if you’re bored and you need a good video streaming app, download this app and guaranteed you’ll have tons of fun.