Sash Windows – Why We Love Them 

If you are planning to renovate your house, you should think about changing the windows to sash windows. Sash windows were introduced way back in the late 17th century but were ever since used in traditional constructions. The ones, who already have it in their house, know the beauty of sash windows. With sash windows, you feel instant freshness and good ventilation. Sash windows London are easy to maintain and add to the beauty of the house.

Why we love them?

  1. If you are thinking of replacing the existing sash windows, they are not that costly. If there is a problem with your existing window, remember that they can be repaired for simple reasons of leaking or tightness of the seal etc.
  2. With the good ventilation that you get with using sash windows, you feel a great relaxation of fresh air whenever you want. Apart from that because they are made of glass, there is light always! Hence, you can avoid the electricity bills while you stay fresh.
  3. They are secure too. There are many styles of sash windows available. You can obviously choose the design as per your requirement. You can also choose a design that is more secure. For example, you can choose the Queen Ann Revival style of sash window which has several sashes in the upper window with either 1 or 2 sashes in the lower window. While the window is made of glass, this glass is not easy to break. With this, there is no chance for any intruders to enter your house.
  4. Sash windows made of UPVC are easy to maintain. It takes less investment on oiling these sash windows when compared to timber windows.

UPVC sash windows are easy to clean as well. They seal properly and that helps in keeping the pollutants away.

Even if you want to repair or renovate or restore these traditional sash windows, it is very cost effective. With the right kind of professional help, you get them installed for a better cost and they even last for a long term. Sash Windows London are always considered.

  1. When using sash windows, a double glazed window offers much better sound protection from the outside noise and of course their seal should be proper for this.
  2. As the sash windows seal properly, they help in keeping your house warmer. You no longer need to sit in front of fire in the winter evenings for a long time. All this has changed with the invention of UPVC sash windows. As they seal hot air inside your house and do not allow cold air from outside, they are very energy efficient too which means they save a lot of money on fuel.