Selecting the Best Windshield Glass for Replacement

Windshield replacement Modesto,CA can be a very tedious task, if you do not know the basics of it. The budget that goes into it, the type of windshield glass and the selection of the auto repair services are the first few things that you have to look into. Windshields are very important parts of your car so it is important that you select the perfect glass for replacement.

Experts have revealed that windshields are made up of multi layered glasses. They consist of a laminated glass which has a layer of polyvinyl butyral plastic sandwiched between two layers of glass. This gives a windshield strong body that can keep you safe from any kind of road debris hitting it. There are many types of windshields available in the market. The manufacturing process is similar for all windshields, but the manufacturers and prices are different. Depending upon how much you have planned to spend, you may go for a specific type.

Types of windshield glass

There are basically three types of windshield glass available today in the market. Here are some details about each one to make windshield replacement Modesto,CA easier for you. Review the types carefully make an informed decision.

OEM auto glass 

OEM auto glass is manufactured by original equipment manufacturers. It is the most expensive glass you can find in the industry. But this glass costs more because of the quality it ensures. This type of glass is said to provide you with a high degree of safety as the manufacturers follow the same requirements and standards of factory manufactured windshields. The benefit is that the visibility in this glass is much higher than other type of glasses.

Dealer auto glass

The car dealerships purchase this type of windshield glass that is custom fitted to the car models they sell. The main advantage is that it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturers ensure repairing of windshields if there are small damages. These are considered to be the best if you re looking for windshields that are model-specific.

After market glass

After market glass manufacturers are the dealers who do not have any contracts with the manufacturers. They do not possess any legal license or copyrights to manufacture windshields of certain types. But they do conform to the safety standards. They do not provide warranty. This type of glass is very hard to repair. The glass so manufactured is not as strong as the original ones but it does ensure a degree of safety. So if your budget is small and you are looking for a temporary solution, this is the best choice for you.

There are different factors that decide the best type of glass for your windshield replacement Modesto,CA needs. Select the one that best suits your requirements. Windshield replacement has to be a onetime investment unless you are looking for a temporary solution. It costs a lot, so weigh the pros and cons before settling for one as seen in