Selection of right Growth Hacking Agency

Growth Hacking is a process which involves lot of research and analysis. When planning to employ other person’s services one has take in to account the service provider’ s capability to discharge the functions. If you’re thinking about finding the right Growth hacking agency for you ,then you should look for versatility of the team that you are hiring. The agency should have good market research skills and well planned strategies to withstand the cutthroat competition. This article tries to guide you on how to choose the best growth hacking agency for your business.

Research analysis

In their website:

Research what the agency has offered  interms of market optimization and product relevance .Find out if it has met the pre-requisites that you are looking up to. Ideally they should be able to focus on the following kind of points:

  • What does this product sell?
  • Who are the targeted audience?
  • Rate the UX/UI of the product.
  • Whether any improvements are required with respect to UX/UI.
  • Is the end user able to understand the whole intention of the product(terminology)
  • Whether or not ‘Call to Actions’ implemented and if so how? If not where to be included.
  • Do the tools they offer convert audience towards their product?
  • What is the web content strategy for this product and is it good? If not, what can they offer in terms of making it better?

Also the agency needs to be updated on the metrics of the product in search engines and social networking sites.


An extensive market research backed by various tactics should be your priority.

  • What are the marketing opportunities and expected risks for this product?
  • Who are the competitors in this niche and how to strategize their fundas?
  • Is there a marketing opportunity for this niche on other public forums like Quora, Reddit ?
  • What are top sources of traffic for this niche?

  1. Competition and strategies:

Estimate competitor’s strategies while understanding their business plans.

  • Know who are the top competitors and their product implementation strategies.
  • Their reach to the customers on social media and online portals.
  • Target audience and their frequently reached sites.
  • Draw statistics on the top competitor’s performances in the last few years and examine.

Before initializing the project, a detailed study of the success ratio is a key point to be addressed.