Significance of promotional videos

Promotional Video is in short known as a promotional recording and popularly known as promos. Promo video is nothing but it is commercially used in promoting a recording of video’s and sometimes audio’s. It is actually sent into broadcasting networks like music related radio, TV stations and especially to some of the music related people like DJ’s, music journalists in order to stimulate and expose public’s interest during commercial release.

Promo video is often contributed in terms of packaging with the absence of text that actually visible in commercial version. In fact it is resembled with the following text;

The license is only applicable for the promotional use besides the prohibition of sale is implemented. It is considered as the distributor property and even more it is not at all legal to sell the recordings of promotional video’s and on further it is extremely rare. It is produced in less quantity compared to the commercial release and these are considered as valuable collector’s items and is not pretended to sell the promotional videos especially in recording stores.

Let’s concentrate on a promo single;

The importance of a promo single: In name itself it is a termed as a promotional single and it is reliable in providing availability especially to all the radio stations, publications related to music, nightclubs in order to provide a purpose for promoting single commercially and also a complete new album. Moreover songs are released in the form of promotional single with the absence of commercial version and is utmost available to purchase it predominantly. It is pretended for the purpose of disc jockeys and it is subsequently sought out by all the music collectors.

In fact it is usually depicted as a means of limited liner notes and almost covers the artwork including the respective catalog number which is quite unique. It is often where the vinyl records will be inculcated in the form of cardboard jacket or in the form of white paper sleeve where the compact discs are issued like a slim line jewel case and issued like a cardboard sleeve.

In recording stores, you may find promotional songs where the specific terms marked on the disc cover; there you will find an option noticing ‘for promotional use only.

Overview:  Hence taking the advantage point of view, there is a flexibility of existence of disputes within the industry compared to the single promo session point of view. Additionally it is inculcated with a good option rather than the opposite action like interested people are not able to depict new songs in the recording stores or for promoting new songs in a quiet moment of time intervals.