Take American Automotive Service Solutions to care your car and budget

Owning your first car will bring you a sense of fulfilment, pride and joy so investing in its care and maintenance come second nature. Warranties will cover your expenses but only up to an extent. What happens after the warranty is void? Better be prepared and invest in American Automotive Services which will help you cover unexpected costs.

Getting an insurance or vehicle service contract that covers costs which aren’t covered by your warranty can be of great help to you and your wallet. You’ve invested so much into your car, why not do the same in taking care of it, right?

What exactly is a vehicle service contract?

These are contracts that are designed to protect car owners from unexpected (and probably very costly) repairs to their vehicles. Some even call it an extension of their warranty, where in fact this is what you get after your warranty expires.

Note that there are different levels of this contract that may or may not cover different aspects of vehicle repair; these are based on the terms and agreements in the contract. Although most can and will be able to tailor fit these contracts suitable for their needs and budget.

How does it work?

The contract holder (you) can be financially covered when your vehicle experiences mechanical breakdowns which are stated in your contract, provided you do regular maintenance on your vehicle, as some if not most contract companies require this.

The processes may vary from company to company but typically you can have the repair facility of your choosing provided they have and ASE certified technician.

Do I really need it?

Your car is your pride and joy, your baby. You made a big investment in buying that car and you are happy with it. So why not invest in making sure that it stays in great condition? Vehicle service contracts are designed to keep your car in the best shape it can be without you having to pay for a lot of unexpected repair costs which you might have difficulty in following through with the payment.

It offers a sense of peace and security knowing full well that a lot of your repair costs will be covered by the contract.

Why should I get one if I still have my warranty?

Well, nothing lasts forever. That also includes your warranty. Also with warranties, repair costs are only covered up to a certain extent, you can’t actually tailor fit your warranty to suit your financial status. And when your car’s warranty expires (which it just so happens that your car suddenly has a lot of repairs that are needed to be addressed as soon as possible), you might face a lot of unexpected and unwanted costs. This is where the vehicle service contract comes in.

If you really do love your car that much, then you will go to any extent to keep it in smooth, running order. Keep your car in pristine condition and keep your wallet safe from unexpected costs from unexpected repairs.