Top 3 Mobile Broadband Providers in Norway provided us with a list of the top three major mobile broadband providers in Norway. All the major mobile broadband providers are also the most important mobile operators of the country.

The major mobile broadband providers are:

  • net is a Norwegian supplier of telecommunications. This is the country’s 3rd largest in its industry. The head office is located at Brynseng in Oslo .

            Mobile phone. are one of the new providers of mobile service. Private and business sales subscriptions, started on June 15, 2015 when the Network Norway became part of According to the National Communications Authority, “The Norwegian Ecommerce Market 2016”, had an average customer base of 199,000. The total growth was reported to be 148,000, most of all suppliers in the market.

            Web Store. As of April 2016, online store started selling mobile phones that comes with subscription.

            Mobile Broadband. Mobile Broadband has always been available since its inception in 2003.

Two different routers are offered to customers:

  1. Smart Router – 4G LTE Cat4 FDD, IEEE 802.11b / g / n,
  2. Mini Router – 4G LTE Cat4 FDD, IEEE 802.11b / g / n
  • Telia

            If you live in Norway, Telia Norge AS is not new to you. This is a Norwegian mobile phone operator. Telia started in the early 90’s and is considered as the second largest mobile phone operator in Norway. The company reported an estimation of almost 2 million subscribers as of April 2013. The company headquarters are located in Nydalen in Oslo, which is owned by the Swedish company Telia Company. The Telia office in Trondheim consists sales, customer service and technical departments. Telia was the exclusive carrier for Phone(iPhone 3G) in Norway for a short time, until Telenor signed an agreement with Apple Inc. to also distribute the device in Scandinavia.

            This 2016, NetCom changed its name to Telia to avoid confusing their customers as they have been sharing TeliaSonera logo for a couple of years even before the name change. They launched their “ROAM LIKE HOME” offer after allowing customers to use their existing mobile subscriptions in all Nordic and Baltic countries. They were the first in Norway to provide this kind of service.

Until now, competing mobile operators had simply been offering roaming packs of mobile data at slightly discounted rates.

  • Talk More

            Talkmore is a subsidiary of the Norwegian telecommunications group, Telenor. It was first established in the second quarter of 2004. Their mobile subscription is purely internet-based and is only available through their own website.

Mobile Broadband Coverage.

Mobile broadband coverage varies. Always check if there is mobile broadband coverage in the area you are connecting to. How to do that? Just go to the supplier’s website and check the coverage card.

The main factor that affects mobile broadband coverage is the distance from the mobile phone mast. The closer you are, the faster speeds you will be able to get. This is applicable to both 3G and 4G mobile broadband.