Truth behind the Korean gaming community

Gamming community in Korea

In Korea, video games are considered to be a major part of the social activity. Most of the games that are played here are either cooperative or competitive. Major tournaments are played and involve real time strategy that are broadcasted on the television and have large prizes available. Korea’s economy has become strong because of the online gaming industry; it indeed is the developed market when it comes to gaming. Most of the game players and coaches in the world are and were trained from South Korea which is a strong enough reason to prove the strong gaming culture in Korea.

  • The gaming addiction is strong among the younger generations; they spend majority of their time in front of the PC. The gaming addiction a lot of teens miss their school and classes and spend hours playing the game because of which the South Korean law has passed a law that bans people below the age of 16 to play online games from midnight to 6 am.
  • Sports and gambling go hand in hand and so the same happens in the Korean gaming community also. The illegal sports betting amounts to millions of dollars.
  • The gaming addiction is extreme in Korea because of which the government has set up rehabilitation centers across the country. These centers are set up to treat the teenagers who have lost themselves in the virtual world of gaming.

Gaming is something that is enjoyed but in Korea it has become an addiction which is dangerous for the people. The government of Korea estimates that nearly 680,000 children between the ages of 10 and 18 are known to be addicted to videogames. Internet addiction has become like a disorder for which an early diagnosis is very necessary.