Video production: the basics

Video production companies are responsible for creating almost everything you see in the movies, in ads, or just about in any video you might see. From shooting to editing to final outputs, these are all done by the production team, though it may seem that shooting a video is easy, it really isn’t. The processes in which the production team have to go through in order to bring you the best possible videos and movies are long, and arduous, consisting of a lot of sleepless nights.

The processes in which the production teams go through are standard process in almost any video shoot wherein it lets the team have an effective working system to develop so that the flow of the entire shoot will be seamless and the mistakes will be kept to a minimum since most of the time, these shoots almost always have a deadline.

The creative process

Before starting the shoot, every production team must undergo a design brief wherein they all sit down together with the directors and producers to discuss the flow and basically how the whole shoot will go down. From mood boards, to storyboards, to shot lists and set designs, lightings and locations, these are all done way before the date of the shoot so when that day arrives, everybody will be prepared and will have an idea on how the shoot will be done. The creative process is a vital part in any video shoot, amateur or professional.

There might be an I in movie or video but there’s no I in team

In any production team, it usually consists of a director, several assistant directors (it usually depends on the scale of the shoot), the producer/s, a cinematographer or director of photography, and camera men and these are just the ones who are responsible for shooting the video. There are a lot more people who are doing their jobs in order to make the video possible. You can just imagine how many people are usually there in a full set, and each of them has his or her own responsibility.

There are a lot of processes to consider when making a video as well as there are also usually a lot of people needed when doing a video which is why choosing a video production team or company that is capable of delivering is the key to making a good movie or video.