Why choose American Automotive Service Solutions?

 American Automotive Service Solutions is pleased to announce that they now offer a different kind of service for extended vehicle warranties. Instead of unsolicited mailings and phone calls, you can expect excellent customer service and the options you need to save on your car repairs. This may be just one of the American Automotive Service Solutions Inc Reviews that you’ll see and make you love them.

What is extended service contract

The first step in this process is defining exactly what an extended service contract is. Scammers commonly claim to be able to extend a manufacturer’s warranty on a vehicle, something no firm can actually do. Instead, extended service contracts are used to replace the coverage of a manufacturer’s warranty after it expires, or as a supplement to manufacturer’s protections still in place.

Contrary to popular belief, manufacturer’s warranties are not all-encompassing. While they cover basic components such as the engine and transmission, more minor components such as the fuel pump and any aftermarket products added to a vehicle are expressly excluded. AASS allows consumers to protect whatever vehicle components they want to protect, offering a lot more freedom of choice than the average manufacturer’s warranty.

New Services

“One of the differences between our service and others is that we hold certifications form organizations few other extended warranty companies have,” John Smith, President of American Automotive Service, said. “As members of the Vehicle Protection Association, we have access to resources and information that is not available to companies who are not members. Our customers are assured that our contracts are backed by industry leaders.” The Vehicle Protection Association is a not-for-profit organization committed to providing outstanding vehicle service contracts to consumers. They are a watchdog association that monitors the industry and promotes fair business practices.

Your Warranty

In addition to certifications from leading extended warranty organizations, American Automotive Service works with American Auto Shield (AAS), Marathon and Mechanical Breakdown Protection, Inc. (MBPI), companies with ratings of “A” or greater with the Better Business Bureau. Businesses with an “A” or higher rating must score between 94 and 100 out of 100 possible points in the scale used by the Better Business Bureau. This means they have few complaints, that they address any complaints in a timely fashion and have transparent business practices.

American Automotive Service Solutions only works with companies that have the same dedication to customer service that they do, insuring customers that they will get the service they need when they need it. Many warranty companies provide services from their own resources and this can leave you stranded when you need to file a claim. With the support of the three top names in car warranty, you know your vehicle is protected.

About American Automotive Service

American Automotive Service Solutions is a different kind of auto warranty company. They are focused on long-term satisfaction and outstanding customer service. They offer vehicle service contracts in many varieties so you are sure to find one that fits your budget. You can contact them online and complete the easy query form or you can give them a call at 800-293-5048 or visit http://www.americanautomotiveservicesolutions.com/ to learn more about their wide range of vehicle warranty protection coverages.