Yoga and Meditation a cure to stress-related problems

The adage “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” may not be changed as a new study suggest that meditation at least once a day can improve one’s health.

Yoga and Meditation

One of the most common reasons for doctor’s visit can be traced down into some stress-related problems. This has also been accounted for the third highest health care related spendings just a little behind heart problems and of course, cancer. However, there has been a little doctor-patient talks about how this problem could be lessened, if not solved.

When one tries to calm down and relax the mind and their body during yoga, the body also reacts with this internally. This will be increasing the production of happy hormones such as endorphins. While there will be a decreasing number of stress hormones, cortisol, produced.

The Yoga Study

The study that proves this theory was conducted in Harvard, where a group of participants agreed on an 8-week program. This program will be a variety of activities, ranging from meditation yoga to cognitive behavioral skills. This program will be administered on a weekly basis as well as during free individual hours by themselves at home.

The Astonishing Result

The researcher found out that the people who were doing the program reported 43% lower medical needs than they previously did in the past year. This amounts to also a 2,400 dollar saving to each person, reaching a staggering amount of almost 26000 dollar savings per year. This proves that the practice of meditation and yoga could help in destressing and to the overall health of a person.

How can one start to learn and do meditation?

There are many resources for yoga and meditation available for use, such as the internet or yoga instructors. However, if one wants to learn yoga and meditation in their home, this would be easy and also practical. There are plenty of mobile apps that are now designed to help anybody to start out their daily meditations.

There should be a word of caution however that one should practice this activity with proper body support. Doing yoga or meditation means one must stay in a stationary position for a long period of time. With that, one must ensure a proper support is given to their bodies. Human bodies, like some liquid, tend to copy the shape of the object where they put their weight the most. For example, when sitting on a hard floor a person will have a flat bottom copying the surface of the floor.

Tools for Meditation

This problem that plague most beginner can be easily solved by using the proper tools before doing the activities. One must pick the Best meditation cushion for their preferred meditating position. There are different variant of cushions available for different positions, such as a stool for those doing seiza, a heart shape for those doing full lotus and a rounded zafu for those using a Burmese meditating position.