Tucker automotive group is located at Westfield, Indian. In tucker automotive group, we sell different used cars otherwise known as pre-owned or second hand cars. The models of the used cars sold in our group are trucks, SUVs and others. Buying your used car in Westfield in any season remains the best car investment you can do as you do not only get the newest used cars, you also got them at an affordable price. Unlike other auto dealers, we get rare advantages in form of warranty for good one year. Tucker automotive group also gives you new car breaks together with new car tyres for any used car you buy from us. It sounds unbelievable but it is a reality and many whobenefited are testifying. You can get proof of their testimonies by checking out customer reviews at We sell to clients used cars of different brands. Our brands include, Mercedes Benz, Kia, Nissan, smart, Chevrolet, Toyota, Hyundai, Ford and others. You can check more at our online inventory. The Tucker automotive group website is easy to use and understand without you needing the assistance of anyone. Attach the make of the used car you are interested in, the body type, the price you are ready to spent, the year, and the car model to make your search easier and faster.


  • Buying used cars, truck, SUVs from us is an easy experience asused cars in westfield there is no-haggle pricing to worry about. Our cars are sold on the current market value. This makes the purchase of used cars in westfield to be very simple.
  • Every vehicle sold at Tyler automotive group has a whooping of 12 months unlimited mile warranty attached to it. This increases the trust in the cars we sell to you.
  • You don’t experience any pressure to buy any of our used cars in tucker automotive group. We only make our newest and well functioningused cars available to you and Westfield as a whole.
  • Buying our used cars is solely your decision to take.
  • There is provision of peace of mind when buying or checking out our used cars on sale. We achieve this because we buy only dependable and cleanest vehicles.
  • When you buy any of our used cars, you have the opportunity of having a new car tyres and brake.