Live in the present and find peace

These days life is full of stress. One is always on the run may it be physically or mentally which robs us of peace. One is always worried about the future, the unknown and develops anxiety. Or one is always dwelling in the past that has the feelings of jealousy, guilt, sadness etc… All these take away our peace of mind from the present moment. And negativity makes a place in our bodies and surroundings.

Preparing for meditation for beginners

Concentration plays a good role in meditation. As one gets in the habit of sitting for a longer period in meditation, the concentration increases and the breathing slows down. However the person gets relaxed and it improves ones health and vitality. We have lot of turmoil in our minds and with concentration technique, the turmoil is reduced and it makes one to concentrate on one thing for a longer period of time. Proper discipline gives rise to concentration and this further leads to wisdom.

Preparing for meditation for beginners

  • First find an airy, well ventilated and quiet space. Make sure your comfort level is there.
  • One can either sit on the floor. If one cannot then one can sit on the chair or lie down on bed or the floor. If possible one can sit in the lotus position or half lotus position.
  • Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes. There are no distractions.
  • Then close your eyes and concentrate on your natural breathing without forcing it. Experience it going in to the nostrils and coming out similarly. At first your breathing may be rapid and shallow. But as you progress the breathing slows down. Thus the mind stabilises and grows calm.
  • One can count from 1 to 10 during these sessions. One can count ones inhalation or exhalation.
  • As one progresses one can start mantra meditation too. To focus on the chanting of the mantra.

Meditation for beginners comes as a rescue to influence our deep mental states. So having friends who do meditation or reading blogs about meditation will really help in motivation. Also joining a meditation centre does help.