Love in the technological world

Looking for opportunities to date is quite easy today. There are people from the real world, around you, that you know and interact with. And, if someone is interested in an adventure then dating someone on the Internet is easy, too. There are plenty of dating apps developed specifically for android phones that help in finding a partner who fits ones expectations, so to say.

All one needs to do is install one of the many dating apps, put up a really good picture and yes, also write a good bio in the number of words specified and you are on! These dating apps offer a wide scope to people looking for striking a friendship, or looking for romance to fill up their dull life, the reasons are many.

Creating a profile on a dating app isn’t very difficult. The photo one chooses to put up needs to be the best, as the first impression is always the last impression. One could add more than one picture but choosing one that shows off ones personality to its optimum will definitely help.

dating apps


Next, sharing a bio includes writing a few things about oneself. Some dating apps have word limits, while some give enough space to the users to write in detail about themselves. It is best if one writes as truthfully as possible, the reason being once you meet in the real world and someone finds out that you do not stand up to the mark, it can get rather difficult facing the embarrassment.

Writing about something that makes you unique instead of boasting about yourself will make you more appealing. Words we write about ourselves speak volumes about whether we are being truthful or just being a show off!

Instead of listing your plus points, it’s best if one shares ones interests, hobbies etcetera. You come across as real, genuine, and not a fraud.

Finally, finding compatible partners needs time and patience. Remember, you need to give yourself and the others a chance. Maybe getting to know someone better through conversations will help take things further.


Dating apps can help in many ways and also harm in some. All you need to remember is to be careful about how much of yourself you share and how well you trust your instincts about the people you come across.