How does a Pepper Spray Work?

Pepper sprays are one of the most popular safety items people carry with them when they go out. They are effective, compact, and never fail when used. Also, you don’t need a license to carry a pepper spray and use it on an attacker. Men, women, and children can use pepper sprays regardless of any yardstick. It acts like your personal bodyguard and you can buy them in different sizes and styles according to your preference. For example you can visit to learn more about different types of pepper sprays. Here you can buy pepper spray of your choice and style.

use pepper sprays for various reasons

The concept of pepper spray was first developed in the 1870 when Germans used Mace or teargas on attackers. In China, ground up cayenne was put in rice paper and thrown on the face of the enemies during battles. In America, mail carriers used pepper spray to escape from street dogs and till date people use pepper sprays for various reasons. Pepper spray is made of Oleoresin of Capsicum (OC). When you spray it on someone’s eyes, their eyes close without warning and they cannot keep it open no matter what. The eyes start watering rapidly and they will burn badly, forcing the attacker to shriek in pain. This is the time when you escape from the attacker.

Oleoresin of Capsicum (OC) is a substance that will make the capillaries expand immediately if came in contact. When you spray it into someone’s eyes, it affects the mucus membrane of their eyes, nose, throat, lugs. This will cause them extremely bad inflammation and difficulty to breathe. Even though the effects of a pepper spray will last only for about one or two hours, it is long enough for you to run away from the attacker into a safe place.

It is possible that you may get sprayed on yourself a bit while trying to spray on an attacker. Try to flush out the pepper spray as soon as possible from your eyes by wiping out your tears. Make sure that you’re running away from the predators into a place where you get better exposure to fresh air. Once you’ve reached a safe destination, remove your clothes as soon as possible and take a shower. Wash the pepper spray off with soap and do not apply any cream or lotion on your skin for a day or two. The compound in pepper spray can get mixed with the lotion and stay longer on your sin causing blisters.