A Student’s Guide on Writing Movie Reviews

As a student, there will come a time that you will write a movie review. When it’s time, you should do it properly. Writing a movie review can be chaotic because there are many things that you should consider. However, as you go along, you will realize that reviews do not need to be complicated. It should be an enjoyable moment like watching Free movies.

Here’s a guide on writing movie reviews:

Before watching the movie

Whether you want to watch online or in theaters, the challenge here is to avoid researching and reading reviews before watching the movie. Remember, these things can influence your judgment about the movie. With this, you cannot write objectively. Though it’s tempting to watch the trailer, research the plot and read the reviews, you have to avoid such exposure.

You can write a better movie review if you go with an air of unawareness. Without knowing reviews and the plot, you’re encouraging yourself to create an authentic opinion.

While watching the movie

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Many people believe that you only need to see the movie once to write a good review. There are others who prefer to watch the movie many times. You know from experience how many times it takes to understand a movie. However, you have to be aware that multiple viewings can inevitably skew your assessment at the end of the day. Do another watch through for the review, not for your enjoyment. That way, you’re not changing your opinion but rather getting more information.

What you can do instead is to watch the movie without distractions. You can write down notes but do not do it often because you might miss brief but important moments. Write a word or phrase that stood out. This can help you remember the scenes when writing the review.

After watching the movie

After watching the movie, you should collect your thoughts and read your notes. You have to be precise when it comes to commentary. When preparing for a review, you should consider elements like plot, theme, tone, acting, characters, direction, score, cinematography, special effects, pace, editing, and dialogue.

Writing the movie review

After reading your notes and considering the elements, you’re ready to organize your thoughts. Your thoughts should be in a cohesive manner to help the audience understand the movie better. The more comprehensive your review is, the more likely people will agree to it. You shouldn’t write a review based on other people’s reviews, or that would be a biased opinion.

It’s important that you write about how the movie resonated with you. Remember that anyone can write a summary of the film including the highlights but a good movie review will portray how the movie made you feel. If you do not put your voice in the review, the audience will find it hard to understand your perspective, thereby not connecting to you as a reviewer.